…tiddly pom pom pom

Had a stroll along Blackpool prom today. It’s come along way since I was last here 4 or 5 years ago. The front is being remade and there’s some great bits of public art, and some strange wobbling columns that look like arrows fired in to the ground.

The best bit has to be the comedy pavement opposite the Tower. A large area paved with quotes from great British comedians of the past and present. Well worth spending an hour chuckling at in the cold on a November afternoon. There are more pics of the pavement here

Tho one improved sea front doesn’t mean that grotty chip shops can charge £1.95 for a tray of chips that were pre made in a factory in Grimsby from the arse and elbow of some battery potato long past it’s best.

I took this pic with my iPhone and fiddled with it on the camera+ app.


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