Made it Home

well we made it home, and we’re glad to be back. 28 hours travel or something. ugh. 2nd part of the Qantas flight was ok, 13.5hrs overnight. They must have heard that we were pleased there were no kids in our cabin cos someone with a child moved in to ours and then was with us all the way to Manchester and it did the usual crying at inappropriate times. i’m going to develop a soundproof seat lid that can be put over them and sealed. Old woman coughed less, mostly though still didnt put her hand over her mouth when she did.

there was a strange little old lady on this flight who looked like a Dick Emery character who just sat in her red coat all the way home and just kept staring around as if she hadnt any real idea where she was. she didnt touch the entertainment screen once, i’m not sure she knew what it was. 13.5 hours just sat there, bewildered.

there were loads of flight attendants, or customer service crew as they appeared to call them and nearly all of em were gay men. what it is about trolley dollying that makes gay men want to do it? it’s not a great job, you’re a waitress in the sky, serving shit food, trapped in a flying tube that is as noisy as hell, working long hours and having to be nice to passengers who can be right tossers. where is the joy in that? you cant even spit in their food, its sealed. well i hope it is. not that we were nasty, we were a lovely throughout.

Then we came back to reality, BA. we got in to Heathrow before dawn and got to terminal 5 as the sun came up. we’d been given boarding passes that said Business on them but with no explanation as to that. nice to get an upgrade even if it the last and shortest flight of the lot. we were nearly excited. so we waited to board wondering what we would get for our London to Manchester Business Class flight. we got in to the Business Class priority boarding aisle in the terminal and got on the plane. and that was it. the rest of the plane was exactly the same, not even a curtain to seperate us. no business class area. just yet another old shed of a BA plane, another knackered, worn out “Magic Bus” (Stagecoach buses use their old fleet as cheaper options for people to travel on, and paint them blue) style thing. which would be ok if we were on a cheap airline, but we werent, the cheap airlines have much better planes than BA. wonder why they dont call themselves the worlds favourite airline anymore.

After a delay we got to Manchester airport, it was great to fly over England and see it bathed in sunlight, our green and pleasant land.

so home at last. had a great time, loved every minute of it, even if it doesnt appear so in every blog. depends how you read it i suppose. good to be home tho innit.

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